Monday, May 23, 2005

I suppose the question of the last blog should have been - Do we need to believe in the traditional idea of God to be a Christian? Forgive me for not having sufficient definition. I suppose what Tillich is calling for is religious humanism. When it comes down to it, we might as well all be humanists and get rid of all the medieval superstition that sort of thing. Unfortunately that doesn't really wash with religious people. They don't want to mix with humanists, they want to be spiritual and they want their own organisation and structure.

I suppose trying to understand God is something that is not really given enough time today, we sort of gloss over it a bit too much. CS Lewis said that man trying to understand God is like a dog trying to understand its owner. Or perhaps it is like someone who has eaten tinned mangoes all their life going to Brazil and being given a real mango in a supermarket.

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