Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday evening chilldown reading

I finished reading ‘Packed dirt, churchgoing, a dying cat and a traded car’ by John Updike, one of his Olinger stories. It is a wonderful story that does exactly what it says in the title and amazing transfers over all the above subjects, travels to England and Pennsylvania, witnesses the birth of his first child and the death of his father. It was a very good story for a lazy relaxing Sunday evening.

I managed to finish ‘Alberto Angelo’ by B. S. Johnson this week. He has a rather brilliant unusual penultimate chapter called ‘Disintegration’. This rather funnily explains how the entire novel is roughly made up on events on his life and how he ‘lied’ by changing people’s names and some places. It is includes one of the most amazing jokes I have ever read. It is a joke that you have to read, weirdly it doesn’t work if it is read out. I have scanned it and you can find it as a pdf file at the following location. (229 kb) Please read it!

This has been an incredibly hectic week. I heard about Joe Gordon a bookseller from Waterstones in Edinburgh who got fired for calling his boss ‘the evil one’ and making some other comments that he no doubt thought were funny and unimportant comments in his unimportant blog. Then they call him in and fire him! I mean, everyone occasionally makes jokes about the people they work with. He made the mistake of writing it on the Internet. I think it just goes to prove that we should all avoid Waterstones as much as possible. I must admit I haven’t avoided it very well this year. As Joe pointed out Waterstones make a great deal of being the thinker’s bookshop and pride the power of freedom of speech. This event just goes to prove that the real Waterstones is simply a large book supermarket which abuses its staff just as much or maybe even more than most supermarkets. You can visit Joe's blog below:

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