Monday, January 03, 2005

Kavanagh and the county poet

I should have said that the biography is "Patrick Kavanagh: a biography" by Antionette Quinn. She has also kust published "The Complete poetry of Patrick Kavanagh". Instead of all that waffle in my last entry about naivety and nature poets I should have just quoted this from page 45:
"The image of the country poet as a simple singer piping down
the valleys wild, is he pointed out, an absurd sentimentalisation. On the
contrary, 'simplicity is the ultimate in poetic sophistication' and
derivativeness is 'the common failing of self-taught poets': "when a country
body begins to progress into print he does not write out of his rural innocence
- he writes out of Palgrave's Golden Treasury.""
I'm beginning to regret the number of large words in that quote, derivativeness simply means lack of originality.

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