Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why don't you go and visit my new experimental web page:

This page is being developed as part of an assignment for my HNC. After 3 months of 'learning' HTML in class, I feel I am only really starting to learn now that I have started my own site. Anyway, it's not real, but it is my ideal business.

The last few days I have been reading little bits of 'The Conquerors' by Andre Malraux. Here is a wonderful bit from it:

"You know, during the Paris Commune they arrested a fat man. So he shouts, 'But gentlemen, I was never political!' A smart guy answers 'Exactly!' and bashes him."

I also started to read 'A rumor of war' by Philip Caputo. This is another Vietnam book and I must admit, I find Vietnam fascinating. This book doesn't really capture you the same way as 'Chickenhawk', it is only a novel but is based on reality. In a way it is completely different. The main character is a graduate in literature, he's a marine and he likes to quote poetry. At times it doesn't really seem to be realistic but it is certainly shocking and quite detailed.

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