Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why don't you go and visit my new experimental web page:

This page is being developed as part of an assignment for my HNC. After 3 months of 'learning' HTML in class, I feel I am only really starting to learn now that I have started my own site. Anyway, it's not real, but it is my ideal business.

The last few days I have been reading little bits of 'The Conquerors' by Andre Malraux. Here is a wonderful bit from it:

"You know, during the Paris Commune they arrested a fat man. So he shouts, 'But gentlemen, I was never political!' A smart guy answers 'Exactly!' and bashes him."

I also started to read 'A rumor of war' by Philip Caputo. This is another Vietnam book and I must admit, I find Vietnam fascinating. This book doesn't really capture you the same way as 'Chickenhawk', it is only a novel but is based on reality. In a way it is completely different. The main character is a graduate in literature, he's a marine and he likes to quote poetry. At times it doesn't really seem to be realistic but it is certainly shocking and quite detailed.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Here is an extract from part of an address (speech) given by Teilhard at the wedding of Mme Jean Teilhard d'Eyry in around 1927/28:

"Believe, next, in the spirit which lies beyond you. Creation never stops. Life strives to prolong itself through the two of you. Let your union, then, be not a closed embrace, but an activity - a thousand times more unifying than any repose - of common effort towards a common end, ever more grandly conceived, and passionately sought."