Saturday, November 27, 2004

Since I started my HNC in Business Information Technology I have had very little time to read, even to think! I have continued reading about Teilhard. I borrowed Cuenot's biography from the library and every lunchtime I am loving getting the chance to read it. It runs very closely with the letters of Teilhard and I have already read them. It also gives fascinating background detail. For example the reason he left Paris for China was a local dispute, it was not due to a command from Rome and it does not appear to be any more serious than an in-house feud. The book goes on to say that he flourished in China. He joined the Chinese geological survey and for a few years he studied fossil mammals.

I was quite interested to read this because last year I read 'Time Traveller' by Mike Novacek. The study of mammals in the fossil record is fascinating, it is the poor cousin of dinosaurs but it is very valuable.

I also managed to purchase books by Kierkegaard, Hesse and a book called 'The Divine Challenge' - a book published by the ultra-conservative group 'Banner of Truth'. It claims to be a strong refutation of modern world views and it is good to see a strong rigorous critique of the modern world that seems to be helped by the fact that the author is a professor in mathematics.

Cuenot is wonderful, at lunch I can move from the trenches of WWI to 1920s Paris to China and the bandit country of Mongolia. He has the talent to be able to pick extracts from Teilhard that are beautiful and perfect for the passage.