Sunday, May 30, 2004

I was very pleased to receive a copy last week of 'The Human Phenomenon' The new translation of Teilhard de Chardin's classic by Sarah Appleton-Weber.

This really is a wonderful book. I had tried to read 'The Phenomenon of Man' many times but I hadn't reached past the prologue. The translation makes the text flow very smoothly and even though you are reading complex ideas they seem to glide through your head.

This is a quote from the author's note:

"Just as meridians as they reach the pole, so science, philosophy, and religion necessarily converge in the vicinity of the whole. The converge, I repeat, but without merging, and never ceasing to attack the real from different angles and levels right to the end."

I love the image of science and religion being meridians that converge as we travel forward.

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