Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I started to read 'cut that fence' again and I came across a wonderful poem by Semezdin Mehmedinovec called 'This door is not an exit'. It appears to be a meditation based on the idea that perhaps at one time he was held captive and he looked at the door and had these images of his past life. It appears relatively simple but I keep going back to it because I get the feeling something much deeper is going on. For example these few lines:

I don't bear the sorrow of a people within me
but I know it

And I can't change anything in the world
since I'm scared

of even sounds I can't recognise ...


Sometimes I feel maybe his English is awkward or maybe it is a translation and it just takes me offguard. Also he uses this phrase 'blind as the encyclodaedia of crime'.

Anyway it is quite intriguing and it one of the few things I have re-read frequently for quite a while.

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