Sunday, March 28, 2004

Poor humanity, to saddle the gos with such responsibilities and
throw in a vindictive temper! What griefs they hatched then for
themselves, what festering sores for us, what tears for our posterity!
This is not piety, this oft-repeated show of bowing a veiled head before
a graven image; this bustling to every altar; this kow-towing and
prostration on the ground with palms outspread before the shrines of
the gods; this deluging of altars with the blood of beasts; this heaping
of vow on vow. True piety lies rather in the power to contemplate
the universe with a quiet mind.

This is from Lucretius - 'The beginnings of civilisation'. I couldn't help but find this quote interesting. I went to see 'Passion of Christ' last night. I don't really want to get into it but I wasn't that impressed.

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