Friday, February 13, 2004

I have just finished 'Cheap in August' - another short story by Graham Greene. Much more the traditional Greene this time. Serious and slightly disturbing. Somewhere inbetween light reading and somewhat serious. Yet it is quite intriguing and the sort of story that sticks with you for quite a while. The basic storyline is about a middle aged English lecturer and an old man who meet while on holiday in Jamaica. Both are lonely and both are searching for some sort of answer. Not my usual sort of bedtime read but still something that I found quite stimulating.

I had a frustrating day in the library today. The books I was looking for were not there and when eventually I found a book, it was in Central Lending. This meant I had to go downstairs to the traditional library and the philosophy book I wanted wasn't there. I was shocked to find they had 4 books on philosophy and three shelves on the occult and the paranormal. It says something about people today that whilst people are fascinated by books on aliens they find ethics or philosophy totally boring.

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