Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yet again hardly any reading this week at all. I have been trying to read Hemingway - 'To have and have not', 'How to be happy and human' and 'Embers'. Also I got the new copy of 'Poetry London' this week and there is a great poem by Billy Collins on the very first page. Some people say Billy Collins is a very light and trivial poet but Turgenev is quite good and perhaps when I get the scanner back I will quote it in full - in this very Blog.

Something very strange is happening, Ken Smith died in July, one of the great modern UK poets and I can't find any tributes to him in Poetry magazines. I was sure Poetry London would write something but nothing. Ken Smith was a wonderful poet and a great man, perhaps not my favourite poet but he deserves pages and pages of tributes and praise.

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