Sunday, October 12, 2003

Perhaps I was being a bit harsh in my criticism of thrillers considering that I read quite a few, mostly crime books, some which could be called thrillers others probably not. The question of genre in my opinion is most of the time a red herring when trying to classify the strength of a book. Some thrillers can be just as rewarding as the so-called literary fiction and some literary fiction is read for the sake of reading it and not purely for enjoyment. However a sensible writer such as Robert Harris shouldn't make statements that are complete rubbish like the one he made.

Another statement by a journalist also made me think. Some journalist on CNN was saying that he had lived in Northern Ireland and in Washington D.C. and that comparatively Northern Ireland was safer. George Pelecanos lives in Washington D.C. and it got me thinking what would it be like if one of the Belfast gangsters moved to or was kicked out and went to set up business in D.C. Someone like Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair would go down quite well with Pelecanos I think.

I haven't had much of a chance to get anything read today. I read some poems by Robert Graves last night and I have this idea to get a Henry James novel out of the library but that is as far as it goes I am afraid.

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