Sunday, October 19, 2003

It is hard to think what to write about because this has been an extremely busy week for me. I may not have the luxury of reading time in work because things have changed. I'm still reading 'Goodbye to all that' almost entirely for entertainment value, at the moment his school life makes me laugh, at the moment anyway.

I started re-reading 'Embers' by Sandor Marai in the car this week. In the past the problem with this book was that it was small and had large print but in the first few pages I'm starting to see sparks of an interesting read. There is a part where one of the characters meets a girl from Paris and he is describing how he convinced her to travel from Paris to Hungary. He says 'she asked me where I was from (Hungary) and that was the first intimate word we exchanged' I sat in the car thinking about this gruff Hungarian at a Parisian ball saying 'Hungary' and enchanting this poor young girl. It is something I've never really thought of, that one word, especially your home land could have such power and the whole Hungary / hungry connotation. 'I'm hungry for you'

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