Sunday, October 12, 2003

I thought for a while I would sneak in blog journal mode and tell you about two surreal things that have happened to me recently.

1. Whilst in Lima we left one of my new and favourite t-shirts into a laundry. The process of going to a laundry in Lima is something incredibly Peruvian, I don't know how they manage to make something so simple incredibly complicated. Isabel had to go through the bag and describe all the clothes, write down brand names, count the number of socks and underwear and all this whilst trying to deal with a shop worker who I didn't perceive as being very pleasant, even though I don't speak spanish, there is always discussion and negotiation in Lima. So something that takes 5 minutes or less in Belfast took 30 minutes.

When I got my t-shirt back I noticed something sharp and itchy digging into my side. I looked and found a label, coloured black with 'Edition' in gold letters. I am not sure if this was on the shirt before it went to the laundry. Also it is sewed with invisible 'fishing-line' thread and not with the usual red thread. I get the feeling this was added for some very strange reason.

2. Tonight we still had shopping to do so we went to the 24 hours Tesco in Belfast. Unbelievably it was closed. Isabel was furious and I was embarrassed. It ended up we couldn't find a decent supermarket open which was quite disappointing. Isabel calls Belfast 'undeveloped'. Who says reality is dull and predictable?

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