Friday, October 10, 2003

I started reading 'The Picador book of Latin American Stories' (again) I pick this up every so often and most of the stories are short and pleasant. On the plane I read 'The handsomest drowned man in the world' by Marquez. It is indeed quite a marvelous story. The world is turned upside down when a drowned man becomes the most important citizen on a small island. Indeed the island is so small they have to make a boat for him and put him out to sea, very reluctantly.

I don't understand these people like Robert Harris are scared of magical realism and claim it is artificial and nonsense. This story was perfectly clear, no fairies or fantasy but somehow it just clings to you. Still a very enjoyable read. It is like sometimes we have to cling to reality obsessively and people only want to read what is real, or what could really happen. First of all, most of the thrillers I have read are very unreal, raising the titanic, finding treasure, being an action figure, these are all events that either do not happen or happen so rarely that people read them to find an escape from reality.

Other writers such as Dostoevsky, the action goes on in a mans head, what is so real about that?

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