Sunday, August 31, 2003

Last night when I got home from the Pizza evening I started to read 'Medieval Thought' by Gordon Leff. This is an old Pelican book that I read sometimes when I am interested in obscure philosophy. Pelican books are usually quite well written and even though this book is old (1958) I quite enjoy reading it.

I was reading about the school of Chartres and the debate between dialecticism (logic / reason / debate) and the older approach of learning 'through faith'. He gives a very interesting quotation from John of Salisbury about the perils of the dialectic approach to life:

'Disdaining everything except logic, they spend their entire lives on it; having become old they are puerile doubters; they discuss every syllable and even every letter of words and books; they hesitate over nothing, they search everywhere and they never come to knowledge'

(Directed originally against the new school of logic on the left bank of the Seine under Adam of Petit-Pont.)

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