Friday, August 01, 2003

Just started to read 'Mystic River' by Dennis Lehane. This is proving to be an excellent book, I haven't read any of his books before so it is quite exciting. Mystic River is a stand alone crime book and even has a slight 'whodunnit' theme which doesn't seem to be that fashionable any more. It is based in Boston in the Irish community. It starts off with three school mates who are fighting in the middle of the street. A car pulls up with two bogus policemen, one of them gets in and from then on their entire lives change.

There seems to be a few extremes in crime books that I don't like, one extreme is the 'all evil' approach where crime is evil and we have to do our hardest to fight it, as seen in Patricia Cornwell. The other extreme is all crime is a reaction to the environment. Pelecanos, although he is an excellent writer reflects this and I don't really like it either. Lehane fits into the middle of this and I am enjoying his book. Of course a lot of other writers won't fit into this but - we'll just ignore them.

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