Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Picked up a book by Kaunda in the library today in their sale. Kaunda was the President of Zambia during the war in Rhodesia. Just one glance at the back cover amazed me because it is incredibly relevent. He says 'we all love to be pacifist but not weak and as soon as somebody taunts us then we have to take action.

He also says 'sometimes bayonets are preferable to chains'. I think this is very pragmatic and in general I have found African people like to be straight and not waffle. Therefore his 'meditations' om violence should prove interesting. He also warns to be wary of people who say 'let history be the judge' because those people do not care what a history book says about them. It reminds me of something else I was reading where they said Hitler and Saddam also made the same excuse.

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