Saturday, July 12, 2003

I think I finally have the organization man figured out. White is concerned with anti-intellectualism. If the future business leaders take business degrees and ignore the traditional academic subjects, then the world will become dull and bland and business will lose the flair that real intelligence and creativity brings to work.

In a way this has already happened. I think I understand what the book is about now and I appreciate it but there is always something about people who claim to be intellectuals that I don't like. I would prefer it if he stod up for real leadership, not just bean counting. Personally I think the subject of leadership and character building is more important for today.

This means I can put the book into its context. It is good because I was struggling with the idea of what he was really trying to say. I like it, even if he might just be another snobby journalist who likes to use big words.

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