Sunday, June 29, 2003

First of all, some business on the weekly challenge, plase go to:

Works of Fulke Greville

to find a sonnet beginning 'The earth, with thunder torn'. I particularly like this sonnet. It is quite dark and despite the fact that he holds on to his religious faith it is something that would be relevant today and could even be said today. Swinburne would probably like the bit about whipping. (I think it is sonnet 86, even though the website refers to it as sonnet 87)

I have started to read Lucretius again on the advice of a new penguin class that I bought yesterday. This book isn't supposed to be interesting just a collecting of scientific meditations. I am fascinated though because this guy hasn't thought about any of these things before and some of his insights are quite close to what we think today. Also he has some marvellous interludes where he waffles about anything and sometimes they are more interesting than the actual science.

The book that I bought yesterday is called 'The reader's guide' it was published in 1960 and it has a panel of experts who recommend to the 'general reader' the best books to buy. It is quite interesting I like the photographs and the biographies of each of the experts.

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