Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I've been thinking of yellow butterflies for the last couple weeks and searching for them for a few years. In word alone they were my first introduction to Marquez; hanging out with my Johns Hopkins friends the spring that Josh graduated. I miss understood their context, the butterflies. I knew they followed Meme though I didn't know her name but for some reason I thought yellow butterflies appeared during the act of going down on a woman. Could Aaron have meant Mauricio going down from the roof to see Meme? Probably but I like original conception of the thought better. His butterflies are beautiful but they were a bit anticlimatic for me. I'm going to write a poem about yellow butterflies but with my orginal thought. I like how things can be misunderstood, sustained through memory and made real.

One Hundred Years of Solitude reads like Genesis in some ways, a story that keeps weaving itself in pain and fascination. The first 100 pages are my favorite before Colonel Aureliano goes to war. I have about 100 pages left and I'm wondering if any of the characters will experience happiness and fulfillment, if the whole story is building to one sustained moment of happiness. Beautiful writing but I do prefer Love in the Time of Cholera. These are all I've read of Marqez. I love Love in the Time.. because of the richness invested in each character because of Marquez's utter commitment to their love affair. One Hundred Years.. is more like tapestry, finely woven in infinite detail, appreciated up close and in its entirety.

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