Monday, April 14, 2003

Despite being a stressful day I did manage to read some more of 'House of the Spirits'. Started thinking about the magical realism of other cultures. One thing that struck me was that in Njals saga from Iceland prophets are a highly respected part of society they are 'merely' thought of as highly intelligent.
In Russia and Eastern Europe it is more difficult to discern because they appear to be more concerned with realism. One of the characters in Eva Luna was born in Norway and I think one aspect that was stressed was that Latin America is a melting pot with different people from everywhere and we all share this perspective on life.
Mircea Eliade from Romania has written some stories based on folk legend. They have an appeal in that they are mysterious, you don't quite know what is happening or what will happen. Mircea Eliade I believe is also quite a mysterious person, an academic who fled Romania to the USA he had some links with far-right movements that tainted his reputation for the rest of his life.

Just some random thoughts.

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