Saturday, April 12, 2003

As I read I cannot help but think about the world around me, I sent the following reply:

Hi Jose,

Again a very valuable comment and something that should be posted to the blog. I don't know about you but I can enjoy reading non-fiction almost equally as good as fiction and it doesn't have to agree with what I'm thinking but I tend to play a game with myself to search out answers. For example that quote from Kingsley Martin, I will be searching all that I read for anything with reference to it, for or against and I will try to work out if it is true and what we can do about it. The organization man book was something that I found by chance and books like that are quite rare I think because management studies have become quite popular and scientific.

I think it is quite an important book purely because it seems to be at odds with the attitude today. At the moment I am still formulating a theory but what I am trying to suggest is that the study of the arts could provide a way back to a new way of living in the world, if we could learn to control 'the animals inside us' first before leading in business or politics or before being scientists or military commanders or anything. I am still working it out so that is why the book was exciting. I would suggest that almost all books on management, all the business books I have read before have been at odds with this statement and Queen's Belfast has just closed down the classics department.

To defend the study of the arts we need new stronger arguments, and I'm talking from the perspective of a scientist, as my background is science. I know that when it comes to funding, research, science is key and the arts almost totally ignored. I don't think this should be the case but I can understand the problem. Perhaps I will keep reading until I get an answer, perhaps I will find another problem but that is what I enjoy doing and reading at the moment.

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