Saturday, March 01, 2003

You have to get my comments on fiction quick because now I'm back to an obscure Pelican on humanism!

'One essay in 'Objections to Humanism' by Kingsley Martin has really inspired me. It is called 'Is humanism Utopian?' and it is a breath of fresh air. First this quotation which has become my new motto:

?Mankind?s future is infinitely more dependent on our knowledge of the human mind than on our success in travelling to outer space and reaching the distant stars.?

And then another quote, that should be written today but for some reason the media is obsessed with animal pleasures. Unfortunately I think this quote from the 1960s is more relevant today than when it was published:

"Men are more nationalistic, violent and stupid than they thought they were. We control the earth and the air, but not the tiger, the ape, and the donkey inside ourselves."

Also this week I feel drawn towards books on terrorism because I still don't think that America understands the full horror of terrorism like we do in N. Ireland. Until they do they will continue to believe that they can stop it by brute force. This book by Walter Lacqueur appears to be one of the best:

The new terrorism

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