Saturday, March 29, 2003

For the past few days I have gone back to reading 'God's Funeral' by A. N. Wilson. Despite the somewhat gloomy title this is not a depressing book. He is accurately describing the process of many scholars feeling doubts over religion. The writing style is quite exciting and engrossing. He really gets into the head of his characters and has some genuinely interesting ideas. It would be the perfect textbook for my old A Level syllabus in church history since 1850.

Despite his obvious 'anti-religious' stance he is not over triumphant about the fact. At times he describes the 'honest doubts' of Tennyson as more palatable as the dry atheism of George Elliot and her friends.

Despite describing religion as a 'wild goose chase' Wilson still decides to write a book about it and I think his interest has a slight tinge of respect.

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