Saturday, February 15, 2003

Right, this is the time for one of my rants:

The media is brainwashing people!

I'm sorry but I am fed up with the medias agenda to force everyone to think the same way as them. It seems that the only things people read are newspapers and to me all newspapers are the same and all tv is the same. They pretend to make us think we are all brilliant for deciding to read and watch it and then they draw you in to their evil plan.

Why can't people make their own decisions? Decide for themselves, eat for themselves, think for themselves? All we hear on the news is how terrible this war is and guess what, there's going to be a demonstration tomorrow with lots of people repeating and discussing what they heard on tv or read in the newspapers.

Wise up.

Even literature suffers from this. The media cover all the awards and then tell people what they will enjoy and so, they read it. It doesn't matter if they don't enjoy it, they read it anyway.

Read what you enjoy.

When will people realise that celebrities and pop stars are normal people who earn a lot of money and are probably not very pleasant to know. Fame is totally arbitrary, well most of the time it is. If you are lucky enjoy it.

Think for yourself and explore something that obsesses you. Who cares what other people say?

By all means you don't have to go out and become a conspiracy theorist or join some crazy cult - just search for the thing that you want to do.

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