Friday, February 28, 2003

Now for some refreshing good reading. This incident from Isabel Allende in Eva Luna that has me feeling 'wow' for hours. In a small village in the desert the poor village is shadowed by a mysterious house on a hill covered by mango trees. The owner doesn't talk to anyone and gets very angry when children steal mangoes off the tree. One day he shot a young boy and killed him. This is the reaction of the village people (they bring wheelbarrows full of mangoes), led by Riad Halabi, one of many people who adopts Eva:

" The crowd advanced in silence, surrounded the house, broke windows and doors, and emptied their load inside. They went back for more. All day they hauled mangoes, until there was none left on the trees and the house was filled to the rooftop. The juicy fruit burst open, soaking the walls and running across the floor. At nightfall, when the harvesters had returned home, the criminal crept from the water into his car and escaped, never to return."

The house turned into a saucepan and burst leaving the village smelling of marmalade for months.

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