Sunday, February 23, 2003

King Sihanouk's book is quite interesting, he has been talking about how he hated the USA after they tried to impose policies on him in return for letting them do what they want in his country. This sort of disgust at American imperialism is certainly not new and is still going on 30 years later.

I have exciting news- there is a new translation of Teilhard de Chardin's Human Phenomenon and I would not have discovered it if I had not stumbled across it on the web. Unfortunately it may be a few weeks before I can order it but the translator seems to be quite a cool lady who has studied four copies of the french text. I think a new translation is needed, it gets a 5 star review and the foreword is by Brian Swimme, a great guy. See for yourself at:

Also quite strangely it costs £50. Something I hadn't realised and has me very depressed!

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