Saturday, February 22, 2003

It has been quite a good week for reading, most of the week I was reading Eva Luna which is quite fascinating and rich, really full of energy. It hasn't been as 'magical' as I had thought, I was a bit scared everything would turn fantasy but in a similar way to 'News of a Kidnapping', it is the events that are strange and it is the enthusiasm of the young girl that gets her into lots of trouble. It is really centred on the people, what their lives are like and how their situation imposes pressures on them.

I also have a new fascinating book called 'My war with the CIA' by Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. It is interesting to note that he was deposed during a coup in 1970 and this book was written during that time and he was writing about the forces that were involved in his downfall and how he was going to get back in power. He is now King of Cambodia, after about 20 years he was re-instated.

At times the book is silly and I want to shout at him, for instance during the Vietnam war, his country was neutral and yet he allowed the Vietnamese troops to come over the border and hide in Cambodia which infuriated the US. Also he travelled to Russia and China to see if he could get military support from them and yet he still thought he could keep away from communism and keep his country Buddhist, that sounds a bit naive to me.

He didn't write it, it is 'related' to Wilfred Burchett, I find the idea of a King in exile quite interesting and I think it would be fun to meet a King, although they wouldn't move to the UK, they are more likely to move to France, or maybe Belgium.

I got another book yesterday, another obscure Penguin classic 'The romance of Tristan' by Beroul. Beroul seems to be a monk from the 12th century and we know absolutely nothing about him - fascinating.

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