Friday, February 14, 2003

In 'Objections to Humanism' I was reading about the ethics of humanism and if it could be considered as a religion. I used to think that atheism or humanism could be classed as a religion because people who hold those views seem to have a certain zeal, similar to some religious people but this book would argue against that, saying it is up to individuals to determine their own metaphysics and it is up to us all as actors to take part in the world and fight evil, not to be purely intellectual spectators who live hedonist lives but never achieve anything. Some people have said that the French were inbred humanists and they were so liberal they could not admit that Nazism was evil.

I got two books from Isabel for Valentines day (she knows the way to my heart!), both by Isabel Allende 'Eva Luna' and 'House of the Spirits'. Quite good considering I finished 'News of a Kidnapping' last night - a truly wonderful book. Villamizar is vindicated in the end and even promised protection by Escobar. I must admit, I enjoyed that book very much.

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