Sunday, February 09, 2003

I bought two books yeaterday in the new secondhand bookshop in North Street Arcade. 'Objections to Humanism' and a life of Teilhard De Chardin by Vernon Sproxton.

It is interesting to note that in the back of 'Objections to Humanism' they have a short blurn on the Penguin English Dictionary. I thought the New Penguin English Dictionary that I have (pub 2000) was the only edition and it does not even mention an earlier edition. I would have thought they would have been legally obliged to add details of an earlier version.

Also I went to my Mum's house today, where most of my books are and I brought over 'A multitude of Sins' by Richard Ford. I re-read rapidly the first story 'Privacy' which was incredibly good and I'm in the process of reading the second story. When I bough this book last year I did the same but stopped after the second story when he described a lady being killed in a car accident and then driving on. I thought this was shocking and it has scared me ever since so I thought I should read it again because any book that has that effect must be good. Actually the story doesn't seem to be as scary and I am enjoying it.

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