Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I attended a reading on Monday night 'In search of Fatima' by Khadi Gharmi. This was an incredible experience. It was also a highly fashionable political event as it appears Palestine is the popular issue of the day. Khadi explained how she had been forced out of Israel before the state was even official by warfare and had to move to London. Forcing people out of their homes is a nasty business and Khadi explained how her opinion is that the Iraq war is about Bush trying to protect Israel from Iraq. If this is true and I suspect it is, then I have to change my opinion on the war.

I should have known, you can never trust journalists. The news agenda seems to me to follow Blair or Bush and do your best to agree with them. Iam not convinced by the newspapers, her theory seems far more credible and it is a reason to protest against the war because Israel is an unjust state. I am sympathetic to Jews and Muslims, Jewish culture is exquisite with beautiful literature and a fascinating heritage but you cannot force people out of their homes.

I am still finishing 'News of a kidnapping', it is maybe a bit slow in finishing but I still can't wait to find out what happens to Pablo Escobar. I have resisted all attempts to look him up on the Internet. It is a story for today.

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