Sunday, February 23, 2003

I am waging war with Waterstones. A friend once told me it was becoming a book supermarket and I agree only you get better customer service at Sainsbury's. I am tired of the staff being grumpy and unfriendly. This came to a head on friday when I was sent on a wild goose chase for a book, then told the guy had lied and the book was upstairs. I wrote a savage letter and hand delivered it on Friday. I feel totally justified in writing an angry letter because the staff are just unhelpful. If you ask about a book you must know the author and the title otherwise they don't know. Also I phoned up about a book and they told me it did not exist and I had the details in front of me on Amazon. I then gave her the ISBN to her total amazement, then she went away and never returned. I always thought Waterstones was the last resort, the last outpost of the bookshop empire but from now on I will go to Easons, if I have to and I will go Independent if I can but independent shops are a little bit too far to walk.

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